Required Elements


Every map XML file must contain the base <map> element. It contains modules that specify the map name, version, objective, authors, contributors and all other map settings. As per our our XML Conventions, all main children of the <map> element must be inline with it and not indented. Each subsequent element inside of the main children elements must be indented with 4 spaces relative to the parent element. Never use tabs.

Element Description Children
<map> The main map element containing all the modules used by the map. Map Sub-elements

<map> Attributes

The proto attribute specifies what version of Game Manager the XML file was created for. If this value is higher than the version of Game Manager that is running, the map won’t load. If it’s lower, the map will load but the XML may be interpreted in an outdated way. Mapmakers should always use the latest supported XML version, and this is required of new maps that are to be added to the Stratus Network repository.

The current map protocol is 2.0.0
Attribute Description Value
proto Required The map's XML protocol version. 2.0.0

<map> Sub-elements

Element Description Value/Children Default
<name> Required The name of the map. String
<version> Required The version number of the map which uses Semantic Versioning. Version
<game> Required The game type(s) of the map. Game Type
<objective> Required The objective of the map. What must be done in order to win the game. String
<stage> The development stage of this map. Only maps with production stage are able to be set on public servers. production, development production
<authors> Required The authors of the map. Authors Sub-elements
<contributor> The contributors to the map. Contributors Sub-elements


<map proto="2.0.0">
<name>Super Awesome Map</name>
<objective>Destroy the other team's monument!</objective>

Game Types

Game Types specify the type of match that the map is. It is required for game types to be defined as different types can have different properties.Maps can have multiple game types, however, some game types are not compatible with others.

ID Description ID Description
ctw Capture the Wool ctf Capture the Flag
dom Domination koth King of the Hill
dtc Destroy the Core dtm Destroy the Monument
tdm Team Deathmatch


<!-- a map with both monument and core objectives -->

Authors and Contributors

The authors and contributors elements provide information about who created and helped create the map. There can be multiple authors and contributors to a map. The contribution attribute should be used to specify what their contribution to the map was. A player must be credited by their UUID. A UUID is a unique user identifier that is used to keep track of players even if they change their name. You can check player UUID’s at


Element Description
<author> A major author of the map. Child to <authors>.
<contributor> A contributor to the map. Child to <contributors>.


Attribute Description Value
uuid Required The UUID used to identify a player. UUID
contribution The contribution this author or contributor made to the map. String


    <author uuid="f690a591-348b-482e-a18d-7779d0c0a28c"/> <!-- mitchiii_ -->
    <author uuid="a9f11454-beac-4cc3-a138-1780802c8794" contribution="Awesome contributions"/> <!-- Crazy_ -->
    <contributor uuid="c2a4c847-653e-482a-b62e-d7f8b64330cb" contribution="Clarification of element usage"/> <!-- ALM -->

Basic Template

Below is a template which includes all of the elements discussed on this page which are required. Fill out all the elements in accordance to your map. In order for the XML to be valid and load onto the server, you still must add the following facets:

You may also want to include:

  • Kits, to give players gear when they spawn
  • Kill Rewards, to reward players each kill
  • Applicators, to control where and what can be interacted with in the map

You can find more complete templates for each gamemode here.